Sunshine Reserve has been carefully crafted to be a soft, complex Whiskey that is as approachable for new drinkers as it is exciting for Whiskey connoisseurs.

Sunshine Reserve has the dominant caramel and vanilla flavors of a Bourbon, but instead of having Bourbon’s heavier oak and smoke flavors, Sunshine Reserve has the soft smoothness and light fruit notes of an Irish Whisky.

Unique Grain Recipe

for Balance and Sweetness

Sunshine Reserve’s 4-grain recipe is primarily based on Oats, which give the Whiskey its signature floral softness.  The remaining 3 grains, Rye, Spelt, and Malted Barley, provide the Whiskey with mild cinnamon spice and maltiness that balance the Oats perfectly and create its wonderful complexity.

Low Proof Aging

for Softness

Sunshine Reserve is aged at a lower proof than almost any other American Whiskey on the market, which gives it a softer, sweeter flavor that has less spice and dark wood to it.

Baked Oak Aging

for Lighter Vanilla Flavors

Sunshine Reserve primarily uses oak that is baked in a convection oven, instead of the traditional charred oak, enabling it to gain more of the lighter wood extracted flavors such as creme-brulee or waffle cone instead of the heavier burnt sugar or darker caramel flavors that come from charred oak.

Non Chill-Filtered

for Fullness of Flavor

Many brands filter out the esters that add wonderful floral and fruity elements to a Whiskey but can cause a slight cloudiness in Whiskey when it is chilled.  We prefer to keep our esters and the flavor they bring, and wear any ice-caused cloudiness as a badge of honor.


Soft, sweet cinnamon, dark vanilla, with a touch of root beer and walnut.  Undertones of soft leather and orange peel.


Leads with dark raisin and dates and develops with a touch of molasses and floral pipe tobacco. 


Supremely smooth, cinnamon and baking spice with a soft sweetness that lingers for ages.

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Sunshine Reserve is a truly special Whiskey, crafted from the ground up to be the smoothest, friendliest Whiskey on the market, with a complexity of flavor that would delight any connoisseur.

Because of its soft caramel sweetness and light fruit and spice finish, Sunshine Reserve has been described as a perfect blend between the flavors of a Bourbon and an Irish Whiskey.

Whether you are new to Whiskey, a true connoisseur, or somewhere in between, we know that you will love Sunshine Reserve.  After all, who can’t use a little more sunshine in their life?

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One other note: Sunshine Reserve’s beautiful packaging has been made specially so that when you finish the bottle, you can run it under hot water to strip off the labels cleanly and use the empty decanter.