As you know, every year, dozens and dozens of new Whiskeys are launched in the United States, including everything from Bourbon, to Rye, to American Whiskeys.  

The question is: how different are these Whiskeys from every other Whiskey in their category that you have already tried?

Sunshine Reserve is different in that it was carefully crafted to combine the best parts of Bourbon with the best parts of Single Pot Still Irish Whisky.  It has the vanillas, caramels, and baking spices that people love in Bourbon, but instead of the smoke and spice on the finish, Sunshine has a long, smooth, and dried-fruit forward finish, much more like an Irish Whisky. 

To learn how we accomplished this feat, scroll down to the next section.


Unique Recipe for Balance and Complexity

Sunshine Reserve’s 4-grain recipe is primarily based on Oats, which give the Whiskey its signature floral softness. The remaining 3 grains, Rye, Spelt, and Malted Barley, provide the Whiskey with mild cinnamon spice and maltiness that balance the Oats perfectly and create its wonderful complexity.

Low-Proof Aging for Softness

Sunshine Reserve is aged at a lower proof than almost any other American Whiskey on the market, which gives it a softer, sweeter flavor that has less spice and dark wood to it.  Although aging this way is more costly for us, we know that the wonderful softness that it creates is worth it.

What Makes Sunshine Special?


Uniquely Aged for Smoothness

Sunshine is the first and only Whiskey aged in baked Oak instead of charred oak, which means it doesn’t have the smokiness caused by the charring on the inside of the barrel that is typical of other American Whiskeys.  Instead, our baked oak delivers all of the wonderful vanillas and caramels of Bourbon but without the smoke, creating a uniquely smooth finish.

Non Chill-Filtered for Fullness of Flavor

Many brands filter out the esters that add wonderful floral and fruity elements to a Whiskey but can cause a slight cloudiness in Whiskey when it is chilled.  We prefer to keep our esters and the flavor they bring, and wear any ice-caused cloudiness as a badge of honor.

Tasting Notes


Sunshine Reserve has the dominant caramel and vanilla flavors of a Bourbon, but instead of having Bourbon’s heavier oak and smoke flavors, Sunshine Reserve has the soft smoothness and light fruit notes of an Irish Whisky.


Soft, sweet cinnamon, dark vanilla, with a touch of root beer and walnut.  Undertones of soft leather and orange peel.


Leads with dark raisin and dates and develops with a touch of molasses and floral pipe tobacco. 


Supremely smooth, cinnamon and baking spice with a soft sweetness that lingers for ages.

Where to find Sunshine Reserve

Harlem Tavern

Big low key place for casual drinks and great food.  Plus, whatever game you want to watch is probably on.

The Tuck Room

Huge cocktail bar above the iPic Theaters (a movie theater that serves food and liquor to your seat while you watch).

67 Orange

Cozy cocktail bar with incredible cocktails.  Great date spot.

The Copper Still

Upscale Irish pub with an incredible Whiskey selection.


Cozy bar with live music every single night.

The Ship

Amazing cocktail bar, wonderful date spot.

Maison Pickle

Restaurant/Cocktail bar with incredible food and a truly talented mixology staff.


A truly special cocktail bar with an enormous Whiskey selection and the kinds of dim lighting and cocktails that practically guarantee a good date.

Hill & Dale

Rustic yet elegant bar that is perfect for a quiet drink during the week and for a wild time during the weekend.

Ambassador Wines & Spirits

Beautiful liquor store with a huge selection

Astoria Wine and Spirits

Liquor store with great prices and a great selection.

BTL Harlem

Liquor store with great prices and a knowledgable staff.

Corks on Columbus

Liquor store with a great selection and very helpful staff.

Croton Reservoir Tavern

Tavern in midtown with a wonderful Whiskey selection, although we know there's only one Whiskey you are really interested in!

East Houston Wine & Liquor

Liquor Store with great prices and selection.

Granada Wines and Liquors

Liquor store with great local spirits selection and prices.

Grand Cru Wine and Spirits

Big liquor store with great selection of spirits (including our favorite Whiskey).

Hub Bronx Wine and Liquor

Liquor Store with great prices!

il Vino Torchio

We love this liquor store.

Kit's Underground Wines and Spirits

Liquor store in the subway station with a focus on local spirits and a wonderfully curated selection.

La Vid Wines and Spirits

Great liquor store with a nice selection of Whiskeys.

Mashbill Wines and Spirits

Great local liquor store with a great selection.

Philippe Liquors

Huge Chelsea liquor store with great prices.

Rosetta Wines

Beautiful liquor store with a solid Whiskey selection.

US Wine and Liquor

No nonsense liquor store in midtown, gotta love the convenience.

Violetta Wines

Liquor store with a really nice selection.

West Coast Wine and Liquor

Liquor store with bottles from floor to ceiling, very impressive selection for a store this size!

Wine Spring

Liquor store with discounted wines and spirits from around the world.

Wine Stop

Cozy and friendly liquor store in Astoria, love the staff there.

Bowery & Vine

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HandCraft Kitchen and Bar

Great food and drinks, perfect for after work drinks or casual dates.

K&D Wines and Spirits

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Pop the Cork

Small liquor store with the perfect selection of products. Instead of pouring over countless shelves to decide what you want, Pop the Cork has narrowed down the selection of products they carry such that whatever you pick, you will like it.

Bevmax - New Milford

Big and beautiful store with an enormous selection!

Bevmax - Norwalk

Big and beautiful liquor store with a broad selection of Whiskeys (but obviously Sunshine is the one to buy!)

Bevmax - Stamford Main St.

Big box liquor store with a wonderful selection to choose from.

Bevmax - Stamford Ridgeway

Wonderful chain of big and beautiful liquor stores that carry our favorite Whiskey (Sunshine Reserve).

Bevmax - Danbury

Big beautiful liquor store that carries your favorite Whiskey, Sunshine Reserve!

Silverbrook Wine and Liquor

Huge selection of liquors, very knowledgable staff!

Fairway - Stamford

Wonderful selection and great prices!

Val's Putnam Wines and Liquors

A wonderful liquor store in Greenwich with great customer service and a huge selection.

Glenro Spirit Shoppe

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Al's Warehouse Liquor Store

Huge selection, great and knowledgeable staff!

The Smith - Flatiron

An excellent outpost for great food and great cocktails, big open and busy. Great for casual drinks with friends and co-workers, as well as for early dates!

The Woodstock

Cocktail bar with wonderfully inexpensive drinks ($10) and incredible pizza. Definitely a must visit, particularly for their 1960's theme and the amazing music they play.

A1 Cellars - Riverside

Wonderful liquor store with a broad selection and our favorite Whiskey!

Stamford Wine and Liquor

Crazy Grapes

Excellent liquor store in CT

Total Wine - Norwalk

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Total Wine - Milford

Big box liquor store with a great selection and great prices!

Cordial Shoppe

Cozy liquor store with a wonderfully curated selection.

Roma Wines and Liquors

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Our Liquor and Wine

Wonderful store in Queens, definitely worth a stop!

18th Room

Incredible new hidden cocktail bar that produces all cocktails in sustainable and fascinating ways. A really exciting date spot, highly recommend!

Provence Wine and Liquor

Long Island Wine and Spirit Merchants

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Metro Liquors

L & P Wines and Liquors

Thirst Wine Merchants

Slim and Harry's Liquor Store

JFK Liquors

Garnet Wines and Liquors

Yorkshire Wines and Spirits

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Sunshine Reserve is a truly special Whiskey, crafted from the ground up to be the smoothest, friendliest Whiskey on the market, with a complexity of flavor that would delight any connoisseur.

Because of its soft caramel sweetness and light fruit and spice finish, we know you will love Sunshine Reserve.

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One other note: Sunshine Reserve’s beautiful packaging has been made specially so that when you finish the bottle, you can run it under hot water to strip off the labels cleanly and use the empty decanter.

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